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Auction Tips

Real Estate

Inspection: Normally Day of Sale.

Sale Day: Auctioneers that are licensed Real Estate Brokers and Affiliate Brokers are on site to assist bidders. You don’t have to worry about scratching your nose and buying a house.

  • Buyers need to have made financial arrangements prior to sale.
  • High Bidder is required to pay 15% NON-REFUNDABLE Earnest Money Immediately following sale. Check accepted will be certified by Noon the day after sale.
  • Buyer enters into contract with seller.
  • Closing to take place normally within 2 week to 30 days from sale.
  • Seller provides good Deed and Title Insurance.

Personal Property

Inspection: Day of Sale.

Sale Day: Drivers License Required for Bidding Number.

  • Auctioneers, bookkeepers, cashiers on site to answer your questions.
  • Buyer is responsible for paying for and securing items bought under their number.
  • Pay before you leave sale. Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted.
  • Don’t be coy about bidding the Auctioneer might miss your bid. Get in there and let them know your bidding.
  • Removals of Items after you pay. Arrangements usually can be made for large items or business liquidations.